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7 Steps to Protect Yourself in the Wake of the Equifax Breach

A few short weeks ago, Equifax – one of the country’s largest credit reporting agencies – announced a breach of massive ... Read More


Why Setting Goals Is Important, Even If They Change

Setting goals is critically important to owners who begin Exit Planning. Without goals, even the strongest processes fail, because they ... Read More


Keeping It in the Family: Transferring the Business to Children

Business owners often dismiss the option of selling their businesses to employees because employees rarely have enough money to buy ... Read More


What Comes First? Estate Planning or Exit Planning?

A successful business Exit Plan achieves three important owner goals: Financial Security: The business sale or transfer provides the amount ... Read More


Death and Taxes vs. Preserving Wealth: The Final Exit Planning Co...

Full disclosure: Wealth preservation planning can’t help any of us cheat death, but it can help business owners avoid ... Read More


The Surprising Secret to a Big Exit

We get to see a lot of company founders who are contemplating an exit. Some of our customers get lucky ... Read More


Business Continuity Planning for Co-Owners

Imagine that on the eve of your wedding, you make a plan to divorce your spouse, on friendly terms, in ... Read More


Maintain Control, Save on Taxes, and Set Fair Value Using a Buy-S...

There is a strong case for creating a Buy-Sell Agreement for co-owned businesses. If owners agree about how to appraise ... Read More

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