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CNBC: D.C. Drama Hits Stocks

Mark Tepper explains the benefits of global diversification. Read More


CNBC: No Bounce for Apple

Mark Tepper discusses investing in Apple. Read More


CNBC: Disney Hits 16-Month High

Mark Tepper talks about the attributes of Disney’s stock. Read More


CNBC: Key Level for the S&P

Mark Tepper discusses the fundamentals that should drive the market higher. Read More


CNBC: Time to Buy Defense Stocks

Mark Tepper discusses how one of the hottest Trump trades is about to soar even higher. Read More


CNBC: S&P Sees Late-Friday Surges

Mark Tepper discusses S&P 500’s bullish Friday trend. Read More


CNBC: Where’s the Market Fear?

Mark Tepper discusses where has market fear gone. Read More


CNBC: Financial Stocks Surge

Mark Tepper discusses Trading Nation: Financial stocks surge. Read More

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