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Nicholai Deshmukh

Wealth Advisor

  • (216) 800-9000

Nicholai Deshmukh is a Wealth Advisor at Strategic Wealth Partners.  Prior to joining Strategic Wealth Partners, he spent four years at Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor and ten years in the Hedge Fund Industry where he specialized in risk management, equity analysis and trading strategies.

Nicholai graduated from Fordham University with a BS in Finance.

Nicholai uses a customized, holisitic approach with his clients.  He utilizes his ten years of experience in the hedge fund industry to analyze a portfolio’s exposure to risk and then develops a customized plan to mitigate that exposure through hedging, risk transfer, technical analysis and protective option strategies.  Nicholai designs and develops complete financial plans for high net worth individuals to help them meet their short and long term goals.

Nicholai is philanthropic at heart and enjoys making a positive difference in people’s lives by utilizing his abilities to help one navigate through the financial waters.

Nicholai and his wife Vanessa have been married for twelve years.  They have two young daughters, Maya and Isabella.  Outside of work, Nicholai enjoys fitness, spending time with his family, photography and martial arts.

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