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CNBC: Anti-Trade War Trade

Mark Tepper participates in The Halftime Report’s panel of traders to discuss the reasons behind the Dow’s recent ... Read More


CNBC: Nio – the “Chinese Tesla”

Despite the hype surrounding the electric vehicle company’s IPO, Mark Tepper explains why it’s best to stay away. Read More


CNBC: Nike – Buy or Sell?

Nike has led the Dow this year and Mark Tepper explains why iconic brands command premiums. Read More


CNBC: US stocks place to be

Mark Tepper explains why US stocks have about 2 years of runway left. Read More


CNBC: Kroger getting crushed

https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/09/13/trading-nation-traders-make-the-call-on-kroger.html?&qsearchterm=mark%20tepper CNBC: Kroger getting crushed Kroger is down 10%. Mark Tepper explains ... Read More


CNBC: Bank stocks dragging

Mark Tepper explains why bank stocks have struggled this year. Read More


CNBC: Home Depot raises the roof

Home Depot is leading the Dow this week and Mark Tepper explains why it’ll continue to move higher. Read More