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CNBC: Buy the Chip Rip?

Mark Tepper, CFP® talks semiconductor stocks on CNBC’s Power Lunch. Read More


CNBC:  Yield Hunting

Are these high dividend yielders worth a look? Mark Tepper discusses the optimal dividend stock strategy on CNBC. Read More


CNBC:  Schlumberger Pre-Earnings

Can SLB rebound after a rough year? Mark Tepper sees upside potential. Read More


CNBC:  Chip Wreck

Mark Tepper provides his outlook on the semiconductor sector and talks waning smart phone demand on CNBC. Read More


CNBC: Bargain hunting in the retail sector

3 retail stocks have rallied and are still undervalued. Are any worth a closer look? Mark Tepper, CFP® makes his pick. Read More


CNBC: How high can the 10-year go?

Jamie Dimon predicted 4% by the end of the year. Mark Tepper, CFP® disagrees. Read More


CNBC: Energy stocks lead the way

Can the rally in energy stocks persist? Mark Tepper, CFP® discusses on CNBC’s Power Lunch. Read More


CNBC: Time to ditch one of the best sectors?

Consumer Discretionary may have seen its best days. Mark Tepper, CFP® talks HOG and TIF on CNBC. Read More