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CNBC: Ford tanking

With Ford in a bear market, Mark Tepper analyzes the stock and its dividend. Read More


CNBC: Facebook’s Faceplant

With Facebook plunging, Mark Tepper shares where to hide out in big tech. Read More


CNBC: Amazon still a buy?

Mark Tepper discusses whether Amazon is still a buy ahead of earnings. Read More


CNBC: Amazon hits all-time high

As Amazon hits yet another all-time high, how much gas is left in the tank? Mark Tepper provides his take. Read More


CNBC: Bond market flashes warning sign

Mark Tepper discusses high yield bonds and their impact on this stock market rally on CNBC. Read More


CNBC: Netflix’s biggest risk

At what level does Netflix become risky? What could sidetrack Netflix? Mark Tepper provides his analysis. Read More


CNBC: WWE outperforming Netflix

Will WWE’s outperformance of Netflix continue? Mark Tepper thinks not. Read More


CNBC: Walgreens gets pummeled

Amazon continues to disrupt the world by taking on pharmacies. Mark Tepper provides his perspective. Read More