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Joe Rudnicki is a CHARTERED RETIREMENT PLANNING COUNSELORâ„¢ and a Wealth Advisor at Strategic Wealth Partners. He provides proactive and comprehensive wealth management solutions to affluent families and entrepreneurs. Joe works with clients who have outgrown cookie-cutter advice to provide them with custom-tailored solutions to optimize their financial affairs. Read More

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Luke Lloyd is an Investment Strategist & Wealth Advisor with Strategic Wealth Partners. Utilizing his unique background and skill set Luke understands the goals and expectations that his clients need to not only make it through retirement but make the most out of each individual situation. Luke enjoys helping people generate wealth and reach their goals both through retirement planning and portfolio returns. Read More

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Welcome to the Young Gun Podcast! For most people, finance is considered boring. Luke & Joe are here to change that. The Young Gun Podcast focuses on helping people change their lives financially while putting a twist on concepts to make them fun, interactive, and engaging.

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In order to realize a successful financial future, it is critical to possess an understanding of fundamental financial concepts. In these short yet insightful video lessons, The Young Guns break down important topics such as interest, inflation, investing, credit, and much more in fun and easy to understand ways.