Strategic Wealth Partners

Our Investment Management Process

Since all families have varying objectives, the foundation of your Investment Plan starts with us getting to know you.  Putting your Strategic Wealth Plan into action is just the beginning.  Our dedicated team closely monitors your portfolio and makes adjustments as needed—making sure you remain on course.

  1. Identify and prioritize objectives.

    What do you want your investment strategy to accomplish?  Absolute return, capital preservation, tax minimization?  Once we identify your objectives, we can work with you to prioritize them.

  2. Determine the appropriate investment strategy.

    We have various in-house strategies with different objectives:  tactical, technical, dividend-focused, etc.  We also have access to over 300 institutional money managers.  We’ll work with you to determine the best strategy to meet your objectives before customizing your Investment Plan.

  3. Monitor and review.

    Our research into your investments never stops.  Should we determine that an individual investment or strategy is out of alignment with your Strategic Wealth Plan, we’ll notify you.