The Capitalist Investor - Episode 22

The COVID-19 pandemic has made one of the biggest impacts on the world of sports since World War II—when the Olympic games were canceled twice. The NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, etc. have all had their seasons suspended or impacted in one way or another. While it may seem low on the list of priorities, the psychological impact of cancelling sporting events can be devastating. Listen to this episode of The Capitalist Investor as we chat about WHY America needs sports to cope with this pandemic.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:05] An episode all about SPORTS
  • [3:00] Major League Baseball
  • [8:28] Football releases schedules
  • [10:20] NBA did get hit by COVID-19
  • [10:56] We need to remain positive as a country
  • [12:39] Golf: the highlight of sports
  • [14:32] A look forward into the fall

The missed opportunities of Major League Baseball

MLB talked about carrying on with spring training without fans present. Ultimately, that was scrapped because players didn’t want to leave their families. We get it, it makes sense. However, they’ve pushed their May 1st start date. They’ve pushed their June 1st start date. Now, they’re talking MAYBE starting the season in July.

Baseball had an opportunity to revive itself as America’s pastime and they failed to live up to expectations. They could’ve easily played games at their home fields with no fans present. Don’t want to turn the lights on? Play games during the day. There is NOTHING to watch on TV and they could’ve easily taken advantage of that commercial time to bring in some income to offset the lack of fans paying for tickets.

America’s pastime dropped the ball. They don’t even have to play their full season. They’re talking about bringing baseball back and playing double-headers every day. Not necessary. Just come back, play half your season, and give Americans something to look forward to in a time when they desperately need some positivity.

Basketball hit hard by COVID-19

The NBA was one of the first sports impacted by the Coronavirus. Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus in early March, forcing the NBA to cut their season short. Numerous basketball players tested positive for—then recovered from—the virus. It happened so late in the season that it’s understandable if they just call it. There’s no urgency to go back to practice facilities if they aren’t going to pick things back up. Plus, many athletes are worried that without the months of practice they would have normally had they’d be more injury-prone.

Trash-Talking golfers is the sports highlight of the year

Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson are playing in Capital One’s ‘The Champions for Charity’ event to raise $10 million for COVID-19 relief. Their hilarious trash-talking Zoom call may just be the highlight of the “season”. It’s certainly the most entertaining thing we’ve seen in a while. Golf may be one of the easiest sports to bring back—it’s completely outdoors, fans don’t need to be present, and social distancing is a breeze. There will definitely be Super Bowl level commercials for that charity event.

The NFL is forging ahead

The NFL is the #1 league known for prioritizing money. They’re hellbent on their season happening and it WILL be on TV. They’ve already released schedules for the upcoming season and are intent on it happening—even if it’s JUST televised.

However, the Miami Dolphins announced they’ll allow 15,000 fans to purchase tickets and attend games, a far cry below the stadium’s capacity of 65,000. The Browns are also allowing fans to attend games, with the caveat that there must be 3 seats between each person—even family members.

Even if the football season is just aired on TV, psychologically speaking, football fans need the season. If college football or the NFL lose their seasons, the psychological toll on Americans could be huge. The world NEEDS positivity, and by the time the fall rolls around it should be safe for sports to resume with the restrictions being put into place.

Listen to the whole episode for our full discussion on sports and the impact they make on Americans and the economy.

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