Connect with Derek:

Derek Gabrielsen is a CHARTERED RETIREMENT PLANNING COUNSELOR™ and Wealth Advisor at Strategic Wealth Partners. He specializes in the advanced planning aspects of wealth management, including risk management, retirement planning, and wealth transfer. While he works with a variety of clients, he is particularly skilled at addressing and solving the financial issues of “middle-class millionaires,” as well as helping independent women through difficult times. Derek believes that getting to know his clients on a personal basis is the most important step to creating a successful financial plan.

Derek began his financial career in tax accounting. From there, he went on to work in a variety of advisory and management capacities, gaining experience in many areas of business, including finance and marketing. Derek has worked with a wide range of businesses throughout his career, including manufacturing firms, third-party logistics companies, and large US-based Internet retailers.

Derek holds a BSBA and MBA from John Carroll University and is a member of several financial professional groups. He is an avid moviegoer, history buff, and music lover—and even plays a few instruments, including the guitar. He also loves attending live sporting events. Derek currently resides in Beachwood, Ohio.