Free Speech, GameStop, & Gin Soaked Raisins

Mark Tepper joins Fox Business and discusses a wide range of topics including Free Speech, GameStop, and even Gin Soaked Raisins. Find out Mark’s thoughts on many different issues and economy below:

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Dave Portnoy vs. Vlad

Mark Tepper joins Fox Business and discusses all things Dave Portnoy, Vlad Tenev, & Robinhood. What happened with Robinhood? What does Mark think about Portnoy & Vlad?

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Oil, Inflation, & Identifying Opportunities

Mark Tepper joins Fox Business and discusses his thoughts on Oil, Inflation, and how he identifies opportunities in this kind of market. Also, find out two stocks that Mark likes in this current environment.

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Cancel Culture Kills Innovation

Mark Tepper joins Fox Business and discusses his thoughts on cancel culture and how it can hurt the economy. Also, what is one stock that isn’t talked about often that could easily double?

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