The Capitalist Investor - Episode 131

Right now it might seem impossible to free up your cash flow but it doesn’t have to be that difficult –– just follow a simple recipe. In Episode #131 of “The Capitalist Investor,” Derek and Luke are joined by Gordon Stein, the author of “Cashflow Cookbook” to discuss how defenseless consumers feel against today’s economy and what tools we can all use to build back our financial freedom. There’s no shortage of cooking puns in this week’s episode as Stein joins the guys to explain the way a bill gets broiled and how the average person can free up their money.

Outline of this Episode:

  • [2:05] Gordon Stein and the “Cashflow Cookbook”
  • [5:40] The tech industry: then and now
  • [12:10] Cooking puns and personal finances
  • [19:00] Acknowledging debt
  • [22:50] Finding financial freedom again

How careful budgeting inspired the “Cashflow Cookbook”

When dealing with troubles at the gas pump, inflationary pressures, and economic struggle, everyone is looking for ways to save and free up their money. But not everyone knows where to start or realizes that it all just takes one small step. 

Gordon Stein published “Cashflow Cookbook” at a time that was much calmer than this, but the need for the tips and insight it contains is much more poignant now. By using tools that were created for you and changing your way of thinking and spending, building your wealth at a time like this comes with minimal effort and minimal sacrifice.

With an interest in personal finance, investing, wealth management, and two years of research, Stein wrote a book –– more so a toolkit –– of the best personal finance hacks that anyone can implement in their spending habits. There are so many different spending areas: housing, transportation, food, household costs and lifestyle choices that people can save in and lower their bills. Saving a couple hundred dollars a month doesn’t seem like a lot at first glance, but Stein shows through personal experience that when those savings compound over time, your capital will stretch out and free up your cash flow. 

Where does freeing up your cash flow start? Broil your bills

What kind of monthly bills are burning into your budget? Car insurance, home insurance? As Stein explains, the first step to accumulating savings is by taking a bill and broiling it. What if you could switch your car insurance plan with something cheaper without losing anything at all? 

Say you change up your spending habits and see yourself saving around $400 a month, maybe you give it to your wealth advisor, invest it, or even pay off some debts. When you start budgeting and making spending changes earlier and younger, you have more time to see your savings compound and grow. That’s how you expand your cash flow. Every bill can be lowered in some way, and you just have to outline the places where you can start. 

Same tools but more places to implement them

Much of these bill broiling and cash flow concepts stay the same over time but there’s always new ways to apply them. People have always had bills to pay, but lifestyles keep on changing and expanding. 

Many years ago, people typically only had one car, now they have at least two. People used to go out to eat once a week and take a vacation once a year. Now they are traveling more and dining out two or three times a week. 

Everything has transformed and people are living much better than they were 30 or 40 years ago. Instead of just the typical one income, people can have two or more. But as people’s lifestyles have expanded, the tactics used by marketers and businesses that want to sell to us have gotten much more advanced. They are trying to squeeze every dollar out of every person that they can with credit card spending, “buy-now and pay-later” schemes, micro purchases, and even 72-month car loans now. 

Consumers have the same tools they had back then but now they have more places to implement them and see their savings accumulate. All it takes is one step and one place to start cutting back your spending. Don’t let your money get wrung out in places it doesn’t need to. Cash flow is all about increasing your financial freedom and where you can choose to spend, is how you get to live the lifestyle you want to live. 

Gordon Stein’s Cashflow Cookbook 

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