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Antibody testing will be a game-changer when it comes to relieving the fear in the United States and around the world. The media has only served to spread fear and panic, eventually leading to the closure of most of our economy. Done under the guise of “saving lives”—what is it costing us? Over 20 million people unemployed? A steep recession, if not an economic depression? We can’t allow the cure to be worse than the problem. Listen to this episode of The Capitalist Investor for the facts about Coronavirus antibody testing—not fiction.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:15] The global mortality rate that’s published
  • [2:54] What do we need to do to reopen the economy?
  • [6:51] We need to start opening businesses back up
  • [8:17] CVID-19 Antibody tests are the solution
  • [12:35] The REAL statistics that media outlets won’t report
  • [17:30] The bottom line: listen to the facts—not the fiction

A world of differing perspectives

We can’t undo what’s already been done. The economy has been all but closed, people are losing their jobs and way of life. Some are losing their lives. Everyone has a different perspective on what should have been done. Either option seemed like a lose-lose. While we agree it makes sense to err on the side of saving lives, there’s always an opportunity cost.

With the hope that social distancing and shutting down non-essential businesses would save lives, the tradeoff was spiraling the economy into a recession. Unemployment numbers are nearing 20%. The potential loss of more lives from suicide is growing. We don’t always see the extended and unintended consequences that come with the decisions we make. But hindsight is 20/20.

The REAL statistics no one’s talking about

The statistics being published right now and shared massively among media outlets is that there are 2.7 million confirmed cases worldwide. Global deaths have reached 192,000, showing that the mortality rate is 7%—which is terrifying. There are 869,000 confirmed cases in the US with 50,000 deaths reported. So the supposed mortality rate in the US is 5.75%. But is that reality? The answer is not likely.

Stanford University tested 3,000 people for antibodies for the virus. Based on their study, the prevalence of the Coronavirus is likely 50 to 85 times higher than what’s been “confirmed”. Their study shows a true mortality rate of 0.12%.

USC hired a market research firm to run a study. They reported that there are 28 to 55 times more cases than previously reported. Their calculated mortality rate was 0.2%.

A study recently completed in New York City tested 3,000 people at grocery stores and shopping centers. With the antibody testing completed, they concluded that approximately 2.7 million of the 19.4 million people in NYC have had the virus. Their true mortality rate was 0.6%.

A city in Germany tested a chunk of its population and found that approximately 14% had antibodies for the virus—showing their mortality rate was only 0.37%.

The list of studies is continuing to grow, all showing that the severity of this virus has been blown out of proportion.

COVID-19 Antibody tests are the solution to reopening the economy

The long and short of it is that we need to start opening businesses back up. I believe as more and more antibody tests are administered, we’ll see that hundreds of thousands of people have already had the virus. They were either asymptomatic or had a very mild case. As the mortality rate continues to lower, people will be more likely to be psychologically ready to resume their normal lives.

While a small chunk of immunocompromised people can become seriously ill from this virus, the widespread fear that everyone is at risk of death is sensationalized. The numbers being touted in headlines are NOT accurate. Antibody testing will help get us closer to the truth. A mortality rate closer to 0.5% is a far cry from the 7% being reported.

We must do our research and choose to believe the facts. Only as the correct data rolls in can we make informed and wise decisions. We hope that antibody testing will become widespread quickly and that the results will continue to ease the nation’s fears and bring us closer to reopening.

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