The Capitalist Investor - Episode 26

Joe Rogan can be described as the podcast king and likely has THE #1 podcast in the US. In one month of 2019, he averaged 190 million downloads. He has 8.4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He’s an inspiration for the little guys. Joe recently signed a deal to move his podcast from YouTube to Spotify—an agreement making him north of $100 million.

Joe has also been an advocate for socialism and supported Bernie Sanders. With Sanders out of the race, Joe admits that he’ll vote for Trump over Biden. Why the sudden change in parties? And why is he making the switch from YouTube to Spotify? We discuss Joe’s podcast, why he’s found success, and why he’s making such drastic moves in this episode of The Capitalist Investor.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:15] Joe Rogan: inspiration for the little guys
  • [1:32] Why Joe is dumping YouTube for Spotify
  • [3:23] Joe Rogan doesn’t have to change for anyone
  • [5:45] The straw that broke the camel’s back
  • [7:28] Joe Rogan’s shift towards capitalism
  • [11:28] Hollywood is predominantly left-wing
  • [15:55] Allow people to assume their own risk
  • [19:28] Capitalism is all about the freedom to choose

Joe Rogan is dumping YouTube

Conservatives have been hit hard by increased censoring and algorithms in place that don’t allow people to see their messages and posts. Yet I’m constantly getting blown up by Trump haters on Twitter and you’ll NEVER see those posts removed.

YouTube has been increasingly trying to control the way people communicate and Joe has been hit hard by their strict monetization policies. Joe’s podcast hosts a wide variety of guests with beliefs on ALL spanning the entire spectrum. By demonetizing posts that contain swear words or engage in conversation about controversial topics, it’s forcing people to censor and/or change their shows.

Joe Rogan isn’t going to do that for anyone—nor does he have to. So he’s taking his podcast to Spotify. It will be the same show. It’ll still be FREE. The only difference is that it won’t be discriminated against, censored, or removed.

The straw that broke the camel’s back

With the controversy surrounding LA County’s announcement that stay-at-home orders would be extended well into the summer, Joe talked about leaving LA and moving to Texas. Joe is at home able to still do his podcast, while his buddies are struggling and unable to work. Fellow comedians can’t do stand-up shows for months in LA—but Texas is incrementally reopening. In an interview with Elon Musk where they were commiserating about California, he said he didn’t need to be there and could leave whenever he wanted.

Joe’s shift towards Capitalism

Joe Rogan is known for calling it like it is. He doesn’t usually take sides and pigeon-hole himself. But he’ll give his opinion on anything and everything. Joe felt like Bernie Sanders was the best candidate to represent the people. But when Biden won the democratic vote—he said he’d vote for Trump over Biden because Biden is too old. We think he’s also realizing that capitalism can only be achieved with Trump.

Hollywood is predominantly left-wing. But how long can actors remain without work? When people are told by their government that they can’t go to work they start to realize how important capitalism is. Salon owners are getting fined and jailed. Restaurants are being threatened with having their liquor license revoked if they can’t adhere to social distancing guidelines.

The Lakers haven’t been allowed to practice. The governor of Florida put out a statement saying all sports teams are welcome to come practice in Florida. Miraculously, the Lakers were suddenly able to return to practice. The dominoes are starting to fall and it’s only a matter of time before we see a stronger shift towards capitalism over socialism.

Capitalism is all about having a CHOICE

Joe Rogan is over it. Capitalism is all about having the choice and the ability to flex your muscles. If he doesn’t like what someone’s doing, he’ll let them know. He has a choice, he has options, he’ll leave if he wants to. People didn’t realize how great capitalism was until it was taken from them—now they’re waking up. As people’s freedoms are being taken away we will see a big shift. People don’t like being told what to do with no explanation and no end in sight.

The only thing Americans hate more than ‘Democrats’ or ‘Republicans’ is tyranny.

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