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The Capitalist Investor, Episode 6

Why Investing In IPOs Is Not A Good Idea, Ep #6

Investing in IPOs is a hot topic because the companies in this category are typically in a very impressive growth ... Listen Now


The Capitalist Investor, Episode 5

What We Consider A Smart Investment Strategy, Ep #5

A smart investment strategy is one that improves your risk-adjusted return. That’s the primary goal. If your stock picks ... Listen Now


The Capitalist Investor, Episode 4

Coronavirus, Pandemics, and Your Money

It is regrettable and sad when a pandemic like Coronavirus impacts so many people across the globe. It’s a ... Listen Now


The Capitalist Investor, Episode 3

Impact of a Bernie Sanders Presidency

American-held investment portfolios are directly impacted by the fiscal policies of the U.S. Government, so as we move through ... Listen Now


The Capitalist Investor, Episode 2

Is the Stock Market Overvalued?

Some of the top questions we get from clients regarding stock market valuation are, “Is the market overvalued?” and, “When ... Listen Now


The Capitalist Investor, Episode 1

Capitalism vs Socialism

It’s interesting to hear the debates — Capitalism VS Socialism. From all the noise going on during this election year (2020) ... Listen Now

Coronavirus & Your Money

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  • How to generate retirement income during a market downturn
  • How to position your portfolio to take advantage of the rebound
  • And much more!
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