Market Waking Up With A Hangover

Mark Tepper joins Charles Payne on Fox Business and discusses his thoughts on the market selling off after every green day. Why is the market acting like it has a hangover? When will we know when we reach capitulation? Is it all based on Apple? What is an area Mark is looking at?

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De Blasio, Global Slowdown & Musk Moves Parties

Mark Tepper joins Mornings with Maria on Fox Business and discusses his thoughts on news surrounding everything politics, economy, and stock market. What does Mark think about the global slowdown? What does Mark think about Musk moving parties?

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Discount Stores, Netflix, & Hour with Varney

Mark Tepper joins Varney & Co. on Fox Business for a full hour and discusses his thoughts on the current economy and where the stock market is heading. What kind of stocks should you be looking at? Will the Elon Musk & Twitter deal go through? What about layoffs from Netflix?

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Recession This Year

Mark Tepper joins The Exchange on CNBC and discusses his thoughts on whether or not he thinks there will be a recession this year. How deep and long will it be? What should you be investing in right now? What’s the game plan?

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