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CNBC: Bargain Shopping?

Mark Tepper, CFP® analyzes 3 stocks that are in a correction on CNBC. Read More


CNBC: Home Depot getting beaten up

Is now a good time to buy? Mark Tepper, CFP® provides his take on CNBC. Read More


CNBC: Under Armour shares spike

Mark Tepper, CFP discusses why now isn’t a good time to buy Under Armour despite its rise Read More


CNBC: The financials got wrecked this week. Here are three names ...

Mark Tepper, CFP®, recommends bank stocks for three reasons. Read More


CNBC: Volatility returns to market in a wild week for stocks

Where did the markets land in this wild week? Mark Tepper, CFP®, analyzes on Trading Nation. Read More


CNBC: Buy Tech in the sell-off?

Mark Tepper, CFP®, discusses the tech sector in this volatile market. Read More


CNBC: Even at this Stage in the Game, it May Not be Too Late to B...

Netflix’s shares are surging. Will it continue? Mark Tepper, CFP chats with CNBC. Read More


CNBC: WAL-MART Hits a New High, is it Time to Buy?

Walmart is well prepared to take on Amazon head-on. Will they evolve further? Mark Tepper, CFP discusses. Read More

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