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Netflix Earnings on Deck

Mark Tepper discusses Netflix and what he is watching on the upcoming earnings report. See Mark’s thoughts below: Read More


Google Under Fire

Mark Tepper discusses Google and his thoughts on what the D.O.J.’s lawsuit means for Alphabet. Take a ... Read More


Don’t Break Both Arms

Luke Lloyd joins Fox Business and discusses earnings season and how shutting the economy down a second time would be ... Read More


Robinhood Novice Traders

Mark Tepper discusses Robinhood and the impact novice traders are having on the stock market. Take a look to find ... Read More


Jobs Data & Stimulus

Tony Zabiegala discusses the recent jobs numbers and stimulus package and the impact they have on the stock market. Find ... Read More


Stimulus Push Back

Mark Tepper discusses the recent news on the stimulus package and his thoughts on what is going to happen to ... Read More


Disney Made A Mistake

Mark Tepper discusses Disney and how they made a mistake by focusing on Disney+. See why below: Read More


Consumer Stocks

Mark Tepper discusses beaten-down consumer stocks with high growth potential. Watch his thoughts below: Read More