The Capitalist Investor - Episode 99

Mark “The Iceman” Tepper is joined this week by both Derek and Luke for a very special show! The guys discuss the implications of the current proposal for the IRS to be able to look at your bank account records for any account with $10,000 worth of transactions and any transaction above $600. Will this lead to more people moving money to Crypto? The big question you need to ask yourself, is why is the government trying to look into your bank account? Data and privacy concerns are always front and center in today’s world. Should the Government be forced to produce long term financial plans for the country that don’t change every election season? Will the US remain the #1 superpower in the world? Has Mark changed his nickname again? Has big brother become too big? All of this and more, next!

Outline of this Episode

  • [2:10] Biden’s IRS proposal and privacy.
  • [4:11] What’s the deal with the Billionaire Tax and the ever-changing narrative?
  • [7:35] Can Crypto and Bitcoin provide privacy?
  • [10:35] Is the IRS getting “stronger” and digging through people’s data?
  • [23:30] Is there something to be learned from China’s Hundred-Year Marathon?
  • [27:45] Finances & Spending: It doesn’t matter for our Goverment, but it matters for our households.

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