The Capitalist Investor - Episode 100

Mark “The Iceman” Tepper is joined this week by both Derek “Diamond Hands D” Gabrielsen and Luke “Cool Hands Luke” Lloyd for a very special episode #100! During this episode, the guys discuss everything from China developing and testing a hypersonic missile to their new technology where they could shoot the missile into space. What impact does this have on the world and what is China trying to accomplish? What about the space race and the future of the final frontier? Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson are driving innovation and creating new opportunities in space. Do the private markets and billionaires allocate capital better than the Government? Joe Biden keeps on saying that the cost is $0 for the spending package. What is the true cost of the spending bill and how will it impact you? We answer of all of these questions and more on this #100th episode of “The Capitalist Investor”.

Outline of this Episode

  • [1:30] US–China relations and the nuclear-capable hypersonic missile testing.
  • [4:50] Is China trying to become the world’s military AND economic superpower?
  • [11:15] Is the supply chain issue going to result in more robotics and automation?
  • [15:10] What are the capabilities space travel can bring to private business?
  • [19:30] We need more politicians who aren’t politicians.
  • [27:00] How much do employers value college education?
  • [30:30] The $0 Cost to Build Back Better (BBB).
  • [35:00] Are billionaires better at allocating capital than the Government?

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