The Capitalist Investor - Episode 150

Taxes & More Taxes! After Mid-Term elections, California’s tax rate might go even higher. And that’s on top of the crazy rates they already pay. Here in Ohio, they actually are lowering taxes 1% down closer to 4%. In California, state tax rates will be almost 4x that of Ohio. What does that mean going forward for the state? All of this happening alongside news that China’s leader Xi is serving a 3rd term, which begs the question of more government intervention into their companies. Is that a risk to the United States and the U.S. economy? This week’s cancelled segment is all about cancelling the cancelled! All of this and more on this week’s “The Capitalist Investor” podcast.

  • [02:09] California’s Taxes Go Even Higher
  • [12:39] China’s Smackdown
  • [24:55] Cancelling the Cancelled! Worker’s Fired Over Vaccines Hired Back & Paid Backpay

California’s Taxes Go Even Higher

You know what they say… the only two things that are guaranteed in life are death & taxes! But, when is enough, enough? Apparently, in California, it’s never enough in regards to taxes. One of the most interesting points is just how high taxes are in California compared to other states. Here in Ohio, it was announced that we will actually be receiving tax cuts, rather than tax hikes. To put it into comparison, California state taxes are 4x higher than in Ohio.

This begs the question of where the money is going? Apparently, most of the money is going towards things like Electric Charging Stations and pushing for Electric Vehicle Credits. Is that what the citizen’s in California want though? Are things like taxes causing a mass exodus out of California and into states like Florida & Texas? What does this mean for the future?

Another interesting point is the amount of surplus the states received over the past couple of years because of stimulus & support from the Federal government. Is there even a need to raise taxes at the state level?

China’s Smackdown

As most of you know, the past week has been hectic for Chinese stocks. Many of the stocks are down over 10% as news surrounding China’s leader Xi is serving a 3rd term. One of the possible risks to Chinese stocks is the potential for government intervention in their companies and the potential for regulation. Not only that, but there is potential risk of delisting the stocks on our exchanges here in America. As tensions rise, the higher the risk that these things may come true.

But not only is there direct investment risks in Chinese companies, but there is also risk in regards to the overall economy & debt. China was one of the fastest growing economies over the past two decades. Much of that growth was contributed to low-interest rates, massive stimulus, and a rapidly growing population. But are those things sustainable? How much debt does China own of the United States? All of these things you need to pay attention too since we live in a global economy, not just a U.S. economy.

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