The Capitalist Investor - Episode 149

Mark is back! And we are Rocking & Rolling this week talking about mid-term elections right around the corner. What are the odds of a red sweep in November? How will mid-terms impact the stock market and your investments? On top of all of that, Kanye West announced his acquisition of the social media app “Parler”. How will that turn out as an investment and for society? And of course, this week’s cancelled segment is important for your taste buds.

  • [02:59] Mid-Term Elections & Impact on Markets
  • [13:50] Kanye West Acquires Parler
  • [19:07] Cancelled! Snow Crab Legs

Mid-Term Elections & Impact on Markets

Mid-Term elections are right around the corner. Right now, it’s estimated that there is over a 50% chance that Republicans take over both the house of representatives & the senate. If there is a red sweep in November, will this impact your investments? The short answer is: Yes. But the bigger question is whether or not it will have a positive or negative impact on your investments both on the short-term & the long-term. The guys hammer out different views & perspectives on that.

On top of that, debt keeps inching higher on credit cards. People keep spending money with inflation still running rampant, but the cycle can keep repeating itself. People can keep spending money. Will people make changes in their life and stop spending money, or will people keep spending money and eventually default? The economy is based on consumer behavior and consumer behavior impacts things like inflation. What does the 2023 picture look like and will a recession be deeper & longer than most people think?

Kanye West Acquires Parler

We all know how Elon Musk is buying Twitter. But over the past week, we learned that Kanye West is acquiring Parler, another social media app. Back before social media, people got their information from TV, Radio & Newspapers. Now, we could argue that most information is consumed on social media.

But what’s interesting about social media is that you can choose what information you are exposed too and almost completely filter out information you don’t want to hear by either following or not following people. In today’s world, people seem to live in their own echo-chambers. Is Parler a good investment for Kanye West? Why is Kanye West truly buying Parler? Is he getting cancelled & want’s his own platform to express his views & ideas?

Cancelled! Snow Crab Legs

I don’t know about you, but we love to eat. And Snow Crab Legs are an important part to a couple nice meals throughout the year. Well apparently, this year, 90% of Snow Crabs have completely disappeared. The bigger question is whether they just disappeared or whether they actually died. The big debate is if this was a culprit of climate change? Climate Change activists say yes. But is it climate change, or is something else happening?

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