Wealth Management

Our wealth management approach is based on decades of collaboration with clients. In our personalized, one-on-one meetings, we’ll cover the complete range of topics that can impact your finances, including portfolio management, tax strategies, charitable giving, and retirement planning. As a Strategic Wealth Partners client, you’ll receive focused, tailored support and guidance for growing and protecting your assets, as well as achieving your specific financial goals.

M&A/Business Transition Advisory

The SWP team of M&A advisors, lawyers, and accountants is dedicated to getting you the best possible offer for your business while ensuring your future buyer is trustworthy, credentialed, and a seamless fit for your company culture. Our professionals handle everything related to your transaction—from the time-consuming administrative details to big-picture planning—to ensure your once-in-a-lifetime transaction is a major success.

SWP Exclusive Tools

If you want answers to your most pressing financial questions—like how strong is your stock portfolio, wealth management approach, or business exit strategy—Strategic Wealth Partners has the exclusive online tools to help guide you. With no strings attached (meaning we don’t charge a fee or put you under obligation), our proven tools—Sellability Score, Wealthalyze, and Portfolio X-Ray—give you honest, straightforward feedback that you can use to inform your actions and achieve better results.