Mark Tepper has harnessed his experience, talent pool, and understanding of what concerns clients to create specialized tools that you only find at SWP. Unlike the big wirehouses, which have conflicted interests, these proven and proprietary tools tell you in clear, objective language where you currently are and what you need to move forward.
SWP Tool - Sellability Score

Sellability Score

Sellability Score provides a clear-eyed appraisal of your business in rapid time, ideal for business owners preparing their exit strategy or those simply curious about the value they’ve built. Answer a few questions and Sellability Score will rank your business’s projected market value on a scale of one to 100. See how your business scores today.

SWP Tool - Wealthalyze


Who wouldn’t benefit from accurate, unbiased feedback on their financial picture? We know managing your wealth can be complex, which is why we created Wealthalzye—an entirely free, no-obligation tool that quickly and objectively evaluates your wealth management strategy. Complete a brief questionnaire and you’ll receive an easy-to-understand evaluation of your finances and a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis of your approach for wealth protection and growth.

SWP Tool - Portfolio Xray

Portfolio X-Ray

By analyzing just your top-10 stock holdings, Portfolio X-Ray precisely gauges the strength of your stock portfolio. This exclusive SWP tool is free, impartial, and provides feedback in three major categories—management team, growth story, and valuation—the markers that professional investors use for evaluating whether a stock should be part of their holdings. Then, by looking at these 10 stocks in total, Portfolio X-Ray also gives you an overall assessment of your stock portfolio, and what your next steps should be.