Wealth Management

At Strategic Wealth Partners, all aspects of your financial well-being are integrated into one comprehensive plan. Through our collaborative process, we’ll provide you with solutions that address your key financial challenges.

  • Wealth Preservation

    Understandably, you don’t want to lose the money you’ve accumulated. Also, you want to ensure that you have enough money to fund your lifestyle. Our team works with you to design a customized investment plan that seeks to provide you with peace of mind.

  • Wealth Enhancement

    Why pay unnecessary taxes if you don’t have to? Our advisors work with you to mitigate tax – whether it be income tax, capital gains tax, or estate tax.

  • Wealth Transfer

    You want to identify the most efficient way to transfer assets to a spouse and/or succeeding generations in a way that best meets your wishes. We’ll make that process easy and seamless.

  • Wealth Protection

    In today’s litigious society, you’re concerned about protecting your wealth against catastrophic loss, potential creditors, litigants, children’s spouses (potential ex-spouses), and identity thieves. We’ll advise you on implementing solutions.

  • Charitable Giving

    Approximately one third of our clients are charitably inclined. If you are, we’ll work with you to fulfill your charitable goals in the most impactful way possible.

Solutions to these challenges are recommended and implemented over time while we quarterback collaboration with the rest of your advisory team – accountants, attorneys, bankers, etc. Coordination helps to ensure that all advisors are on the same page, implementing strategies that complement, rather than conflict, one another.

Our Wealth Management Process

At Strategic Wealth Partners, we use the following systematic consultation process for uncovering your most important goals to design and implement appropriate solutions. This process helps us identify the challenges you face in achieving all that is important to you.

We examine your current situation, the objectives you would like to accomplish, and how we can maximize the possibility of success. The development of your own Strategic Wealth Plan will serve as our roadmap as we work together. It will enable us to re-route and re-calibrate so that we stay on track in relation to your aspirations as your life unfolds.

The Strategic Advantage

  • Weekly Planning Strategy Meeting

    Along with our team of advisors, our planning team takes a collaborative approach towards finding the best solutions for your financial plan. Our team-based method includes a focused review to help ensure that all options regarding a planning decision are being taken into consideration. This prevents a one-dimensional thought process, thereby maximizing your results.

  • Proactive Plan Refresh System

    To prevent your Strategic Wealth Plan from becoming stale, a refresh is conducted on an annual basis. The planning team coordinates with you and your advisor to update qualitative and quantitative information and to re-run our analyses, ensuring your plan remains up-to-date and on track to meet your objectives and long-term financial goals.

  • Professional Network Collaboration.

    Our advisors and planners meet regularly with other professionals such as CPAs and attorneys to collaboratively recommend and implement well-rounded strategies that seek to optimize your situation.

If you are unsure about where you stand financially, or if you’re curious about what more you could be doing to ensure the maximization of your wealth for you and your family in the years to come, try out our Wealthalyze tool. It’s a great first step to making the best decision for your financial future.