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The Essential Business Agreement: A Business-Continuity Agreement...

If you co-own your business, the business-continuity agreement (or buy-sell agreement) is one of the most important documents that you ... Read More


3 Surprising Reasons to Offer a Subscription

You can now buy a subscription for everything from dog treats to razor blades. Music subscription services are booming as ... Read More


Avoiding Disasters in Insider Transfers

Steve Smith was no different than millions of other baby-boomer business owners in that the thought of leaving his business ... Read More


Elements of a Plan to Sell to Insiders

Today, we discuss the essential elements of a plan owners use to transfer a business to insiders that keep the ... Read More


The Anatomy of a Successful Exit

Stephanie Breedlove started Breedlove & Associates in 1992 as a way to pay her nanny. The big payroll processors weren’t ... Read More


Are You and Your Company Candidates for a Third Party Sale?

If you think that planning for the biggest financial event of your life is a good idea and prefer an ... Read More


Sticking a Toe (or Two) in the Exit Planning Pool

We attempt to dismantle the most common objections owners have to undertaking the planning necessary to exit their companies successfully. ... Read More


The Downside of Selling Someone Else’s Product

Are you tempted to re-sell someone else’s product to boost your topline revenue? On the surface, becoming a distributor ... Read More

Financial Boot Camp

Unfortunately, most people will spend more time planning their vacations than planning for their financial futures. This can be a recipe for disaster. Our 3-hour information-rich educational workshop will get you on the right track to achieving financial success. register for the workshop