401(k) Plan & Benefits

At Strategic Wealth Partners, all aspects of your financial well-being are integrated into one comprehensive plan. Through our collaborative process, we’ll provide you with solutions that address your key financial challenges.

Our 401(k) Plan & Benefits Process

By hiring a fiduciary retirement plan advisor like Strategic Wealth Partners, we ensure all standards are met by helping monitor the various costs of the 401(k) plans, providing employees diverse investment options, educating the employees to meet their personal retirement goals, and giving employees control over the investments in their accounts. Our 401(k) advisory services include:
  • Review of all aspects of your current 401(k) plan

    We ensure the standards under ERISA are being met, fees are reasonable, investment options are diverse, and you understand and are taking advantage of the terms of your plan document.

  • Plan design consulting

    There are many options under a 401(k) plan an employer can provide to its employees. Our team will help you design the plan document to maximize the various retirement plan opportunities.

  • Manage employee communication and investment education

    One of Strategic Wealth Partners’ duties as an investment advisor under a 401(k) plan is to meet with and educate your employees on a regular basis. Our investment advisors will schedule one-on-one meetings with employees to assist them in choosing retirement plan investments that best suit their needs.

  • Work closely with your Third-Party Administrator

    We understand our clients’ various needs and in doing so, we work closely with other advisors to ensure those needs are being met with the expertise you deserve.

  • Implement and design new plans

    Many of our clients did not have a 401(k) plan in place. We will work with you to design, help choose a third-party administrator, and implement your new plan.

The Strategic Advantage

  • Fiduciary Duty

    As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are held to a fiduciary standard – meaning that we are required to always act in your best interests. As an independent, fee-based firm, we have no hidden agenda and our advice is unbiased and conflict-free.

  • Diverse and cost-efficient portfolio

    One important fiduciary duty for an employer to is offer the employees a diverse range of investment options. Our expert team, including a Certified Financial Analyst, will design a well-rounded list of investments, while analyzing the expenses of those investments.

  • Proactive approach

    Our team, as a fiduciary, is focused on being a proactive investment advisor for your retirement plan. That means will be bring ideas to you.

  • Liability reduction

    At Strategic Wealth Partners, we take our fiduciary duty seriously. By understanding and overseeing the employer’s standards of conduct under law, we reduce your liability as a plan administrator. Our team will guide and assist you in designing and implementing a retirement plan that best meets the needs of your employees.

To see where you stand financially, take a few minutes to try our free Wealthalyze tool. It’s a great way to get an understanding of your current situation and start the discussion of the steps you need to take to ensure you and your family are set up for the future.