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As Chief Investment Officer, Peter is responsible for managing the firm’s investment committee, research personnel, and tactical strategies. He specializes in building tailored portfolios for high net worth clients designed to maximize after-tax returns and long-term wealth enhancement.

Peter is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has over a decade of experience in portfolio management/theory, security analysis and economic forecasting. He has previously served in VP roles as a portfolio manager for both one of the nation’s leading banks and multi-family offices.

Peter earned his BA from the University of California Santa Barbara and MBA from San Francisco State University. He lives with his wife, Lindsay, and their two dogs in Northern California and is an avid lover of traveling, good food, and keeping up his skills on the tennis court.

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Tax & Diversification Strategy
Strategies to reduce concentrated stock positions and further diversify portfolios while mitigating taxes

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Key Pension Consideration
How retirees can evaluate whether it’s best to take their pension or lump sum option

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