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Rick Eicheldinger, Director of Financial Planning at Strategic Wealth Partners, brings over a decade of experience in the financial planning industry to his role. With four years as a Director of Financial Planning, Rick has consistently demonstrated his commitment to helping clients achieve their financial dreams and aspirations.

In his current role, Rick collaborates closely with advisors and a team of specialists to craft personalized financial planning strategies. His mission is simple: to guide clients on their journey from their current financial situation to their desired destination. Rick believes in placing clients’ goals at the heart of his work and reverse-engineering strategies to achieve them effectively.

What makes Rick well-suited to his job is his unwavering dedication to learning and self-improvement. Recognizing the ever-changing financial landscape, Rick continually enhances his knowledge and expertise. He takes immense satisfaction in helping others attain success, whether it’s realizing lifelong dreams, purchasing a dream home, selling a business, or retiring to spend cherished moments with family.

Rick’s professional journey began as a teacher and coach, but his transition into financial planning was driven by a desire to secure his own family’s financial future. Over the years, he has worked at reputable firms, each with unique planning philosophies. Most recently, he served as a Director of Financial Planning at Facet Wealth, where he led a team of 12 financial planners, providing impactful advice to over 2,100 clients. Rick holds multiple certifications, including Certified Financial Planner, Enrolled Agent with the IRS, and Chartered Life Underwriter. Currently pursuing an MBA at Indiana’s Kelley School of Business, he aims to continually improve the client experience.

Two signature touches Rick always incorporates into his work are storytelling and action-oriented planning. While crafting financial plans is crucial, telling a compelling story around those plans inspires clients to take action and realize the benefits of their financial decisions.
Rick’s main takeaway for his bio is clear: “The client always comes first, and our company works tirelessly to position them for success while mitigating risks along the way.”

On a personal note, Rick’s colleagues may be pleasantly surprised to learn that he enjoys a good musical and is known to attend shows. Additionally, Rick cherishes his role as a dad and finds joy in discovering his kids’ evolving interests and passions.

With Rick Eicheldinger at the helm of financial planning, clients at Strategic Wealth Partners can expect a dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate advocate committed to helping them achieve their financial goals and dreams.

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