Maximize the Value of Your Business Exit

When you’re ready to sell the business you’ve spent years or decades building, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than it’s worth. Strategic Wealth Partners offers professional guidance-under one trusted roof-for positioning your company, attracting buyers, vetting offers, and closing successfully. Drawing on experience from over 100 business exits and corporate finance engagements, our team of M&A advisors, lawyers, and tax strategists have the complete professional knowledge to make your once-in-a-lifetime transaction a success.

Our Comprehensive 3-Phase Approach

The Strategic Wealth Partners proven 3-phase advisory approach covers every area of your exit:

Planning | Pre-transaction Preparation | Transaction

Whether you intend to sell in the near future or are laying the groundwork for an exit in the next few years, our team will thoroughly prepare you and your business for the journey ahead.

  1. Planning: Before developing a thorough game plan for selling your business, we need to know where you stand today. What is your business worth? How much do you need to net from a sale for your financial plan to work? What can you do to close the gap? Are there areas you can work on to improve your valuation? For some businesses, our recommendations can be implemented relatively quickly; for others, it may require a couple of years of diligent effort. In the end, all the collaborative planning is designed to yield you the results you want.
  2. Pre-transaction Preparation: Before sourcing any offers, we make sure your business is poised to attract only serious bidders. This stage includes a deep dive into all the value drivers of your company: branding, marketing, technology, capital investments, supply chain, and customer contracts. Now that you are closer to exiting, some areas may require only minor adjustments, while others may need broader changes to realize the maximum value from a sale.
  3. Transaction: Once your business is ready for a sale, we will confidentially market your business to qualified, interested parties and when it’s time to close the deal, Strategic Wealth Partners shepherds the process, alleviating you from the multitude of details that can eat into your time, time you need to keep managing your business. Our experienced team of investment bankers, lawyers, accountants, and financial advisors oversees due diligence, negotiations, data retrieval, and all inquiries to help secure the maximum value for your business. Your personal and financial needs are important, and we dedicate ourselves to meeting them every step of the way.

The Strategic Advantage

Our team’s cross-industry experience equips us for all aspects of your merger or acquisition. No need to juggle disparate teams of lawyers, accountants, and advisors. At Strategic Wealth Partners, everyone you need is in one place and in constant communication.

Our M&A advisory practice covers the full range of investment banking:

  • Business sales
  • Recapitalizations (majority and minority)
  • Management buyouts
  • Generational ownership transfers
  • ESOPs
  • Capital formation
  • Business valuations
  • Business value enhancement
  • Post-sale wealth management

Strategic Wealth Partners recognizes that your effort, sacrifices, and unique business intellect culminate in what may be your largest asset. When it’s time to sell, look to a team that has proven itself and that you can trust—and start enjoying the next chapter of your journey.

Walk Away Wealthy

Walk Away Wealthy Book

Looking for professional advice you can trust about selling your business? Whether you’re actively planning your exit or just doing some preliminary research, Walk Away Wealthy: The Entrepreneur’s Exit-Planning Playbook is a must-read for every entrepreneur and business owner. Containing nearly two decades of wealth management and financial planning experience, Walk Away Wealthy outlines every step to grow your bottom line and cash out on your biggest investment: your business.