The Capitalist Investor - Episode 178

This week on The Capitalist Investor, the team discussed how the average car payment is up to $750/month and the average car on the road is over 13 years old. What does this say about the economy and America? Lately, one topic getting traction is the topic around parents charging their adult children rent after they turn 18 years old. What would you? Home Depot earnings came in light as did most retail economic data. Is this the crack in the system? Tune into this week’s “The Capitalist Investor Podcast” for the latest cancelled segment.

13 Year Old Cars & $750/Month Payments

Throughout history, new trends start to emerge. One of those trends has been the trend of keeping your car for longer & longer until it completely breaks down. The average car on the road right now is 13 years old. Not only have cars gotten older, but also, the average monthly payments that people are spending on cars has risen significantly over time. The average car payment is $750/month, almost 20% of the average individual income. This can tell you a lot about what’s going on economically. As Capitalist Investors, there are always opportunities to take advantage of trends. The Capitalist Investor team discusses somewhere you can keep an eye on if this trend continues.

Parents Charging Rent & Weak Retail #’s

Maybe you have children, maybe you don’t. Maybe your children are grown, maybe they aren’t. If they are grown, are they still living with you? If they are still living with you, are you charging them rent? There has been a lot of discussion recently around charging your children rent. For the most part, the Capitalist Investor team seems to be in favor of instilling values & hardship into your child’s life to make them come out better in the end. That also means making them pay rent if they are an adult at “Could” be out on their own. Also, you don’t want an adult child living with you to hurt your future goals and retirement plans. Find out what the team has to say around that.

We’ve been talking for a while about how middle-class America seems to be hurting, but their spending kept on chugging along. Much of that spending was done on credit cards and revolving credit. The past couple of days, between Home Depot earnings & the retail economic data, we could finally be seeing cracks form that suggests middle-class America’s spending spree could be over. What should you be eyeing going forward?


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