The Capitalist Investor - Episode 200

The Capitalist Investor

Welcome to the latest episode of the Capitalist Investor podcast, where Tony, Luke, and Derek discussed some fascinating insights into the investment landscape! Today, we tried something different where we talked about five hot topics in five minutes each. Those topics include Bitcoin, Mortgage Backed Securities, Cash, Auto Loans, & U.S. Treasuries.

Investing Unused Cash

Move beyond traditional investments: Luke, Tony, & Derek explored three alternative ways to invest your money – treasuries, CDs, and lending through the bank. Treasuries, in particular, caught their attention as a low default rate option, but with varying durations from three months up to 30 years.
Federal Reserve & Treasuries
The Federal Reserve may have lost control: Despite the Federal Reserve not raising rates, yields increased by 1% over a month and a half. This surprising development suggests that the free markets are now pricing in the increasing and decreasing rates, highlighting factors like geopolitical conflicts, economic risks, and inflationary concerns. Prepare for potential significant and rapid movements in either direction.

Housing & Mortgages

Big changes in the housing market and beyond: The episode delved into the impact of various factors on the housing market, including the potential entry of Airbnb properties, risk-off periods, and high interest rates.

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