The Capitalist Investor - Episode 202

The Capitalist Investor

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Capitalist Investor podcast! Join Derek, Tony, and Luke as they discuss the latest updates in the stock market, including the performance of the Magnificent Seven (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Nvidia, Meta, and Tesla), Seasonality, the current state of oil prices, WeWork’s bankruptcy filing, and Jeff Bezos’s move to Miami. Stay informed with expert analysis from the Dream Team.

The Magnificent Seven

The hosts dig into the performance of the “Magnificent Seven” – Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Nvidia, Facebook (now Meta), and Tesla. They discuss how these tech giants fared during the earnings season and analyze key factors such as cloud computing, AI, and consumer demand. Notably, Apple’s decline in sales growth raises questions about its future as an innovative industry leader.

Declining Oil Prices

The team explores the reasons behind the 20% drop in oil prices over the past six months. They touch on the impact of reduced global demand, warmer winter predictions, and the increasing oil production in the United States. This conversation prompts deeper reflections on the state of the economy and the potential repercussions of declining oil prices.

WeWork Filing Bankruptcy

WeWork’s rise and fall captivated the financial world. The podcast delves into the story of this co-working space company, once valued at $47 billion, that ultimately filed for bankruptcy. They analyze WeWork’s business model, its inability to meet high demand expectations, and the concerns raised about valuations and profitability in today’s market landscape.

Jeff Bezos’ Move to Miami

The hosts discuss Jeff Bezos’ decision to relocate to Miami and its financial implications. They highlight the benefits of Miami’s favorable tax environment, no state income tax, and proximity to Blue Origin’s space activities. This move sparks conversations about wealth, lifestyle choices, and the different approaches taken by billionaires like Bezos and Elon Musk.

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