The Capitalist Investor - Episode 162

Welcome back! The Capitalist Investor squad discusses all the news surrounding recent earnings reports, tax season coming up, behavioral changes in a recession, and Justin Bieber selling the rights to his songs for 200M. You need to tune in until the last minutes on this week’s episode because the squad erupts in all kinds of different conversations around aliens & the doomsday clock reaching 90 minutes until midnight. What does all of this craziness mean for the future and you!?

Earnings & Tax Season

It’s earnings season! And tax season! Microsoft reported an underwhelming earnings report showing lower than expected top & bottom line earnings growth. Is Microsoft’s earnings a preview on what’s about to come? On top of that, tax season is right around the corner and there might be a small phenomenon this year called “Refund Shock.” There was a lot of stimulus money up for grabs the past couple of years that caused refund checks to take steroids and be higher than usual. After that money has ran out, stimulus checks are expected to be a bit smaller this year. What is the impact of earnings & tax season on your money and what should you be paying attention too over the next month?

Behavioral Changes in a Recession

Every recession is different and the impact on consumers and investors is different. While there are some similarities to all recessions, consumers throughout time spend money on different things and different goods & services. Capitalism drives innovation and efficiency that changes consumer behavior through the years. Because of these changes, every recession can impact consumers spending habits differently. This will also cause investors to be impacted differently as well. Things like social media, eating out, travel, subscription services will all be considerations when consumers decide where they will cut back on. Grocery prices continue to go through the roof. Will people get rid of or hold onto things like Netflix for entertainment? Will consumers stop going out to eat? Do people even know how to cook their own food anymore at home? Find out how this recession might impact consumers going forward and what you should be paying attention too.

Justin Bieber, Aliens & Doomsday Clock

Justin Bieber sold his master rights to all of his songs to a fund that has connections to Blackstone. From a financial and financial planning standpoint, what might have been going through Justin Bieber’s mind? Was this a good or bad decision? Okay… and we need to talk about the Doomsday Clock news. Is the doomsday clock just a scare tactic of doom & gloom or is there really some substance there? 90 minutes to midnight is the closest we’ve been to a “doomsday” scenario, which is sited to be because of the war in Ukraine. Not to get off topic, but the squad kind of got off topic talking about aliens and some interesting shows & documentaries you might want to take a look at. We have so much information out there now, it’s hard not think in the realm of different perspectives and different lenses.


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