The Capitalist Investor - Episode 203

Welcome to the Capitalist Investor podcast! Join hosts Derek, Tony, and Luke as they dive into relevant topics such as inflation, dividend reinvestment programs (DRIP), the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, tipping culture, and NFL updates. They also share their perspective on the economy and market reactions to the recent inflation report.

Tipping Culture:

 Tony, Derek, and Luke had an engaging discussion on tipping culture in America, bringing about multiple perspectives to the table. While all agreed about generously tipping: hairdressers, bartenders, and restaurant servers, Luke suggested that tipping should always be a personal choice and not a mandatory expectation.

Inflation Report and Its Consequences:

The hosts delved deep into the upcoming inflation report, showing a 40% difference between small businesses’ perceptions and official data. They discussed Home Depot’s prediction of the worst of inflation being over, and concerns about the potential fallout if it reaches 10%.

Dividends Reinvestment and Wash Sales:

The conversation took a financial turn as the hosts discussed the risks and drawbacks of Dividend Reinvestment Programs (DRIPs). They also brought forth the concept of wash sales, explaining what they are and the tax strategies to avoid them.

Government Economics and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve:

A riveting discussion followed about government economics and the time it would take to restore the depleted Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The hosts expressed their criticisms and shared their predictions about high US oil production filling the economic gap.

NFL Games and Betting Odds:

The hosts definitely showcased their love for the NFL in this episode. Talking about delineating betting odds for the Browns game, injury updates for players like Deshaun Watson and Nick Chubb, and predictions for the Steelers against the Browns made for an interesting conversation for all the football lovers tuning into this episode.


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