The Capitalist Investor - Episode 179

This week on The Capitalist Investor, the team discussed everything from a fake picture impacting the financial markets all the way to the latest and greatest marriage & divorce tips on the news of Jeff Bezos getting engaged to Lauren Sanchez. What tricks, tips, and thoughts does The Capitalist Investor team have around these topics and more? Tune in!

Fake Picture Moving Markets

A news article or picture rather has gone viral on social media that showed a fake picture of an explosion at the Pentagon. The picture spread quickly and impacted the markets as a result of algorithmic trading. There are long-term implications of the algorithms responding to the news without verifying the information, as well as the potential for deep fakes and other false information to cause a similar reaction. We have to be mindful of how information spreads on social media and the potential for algorithms to misinterpret it. There is a concept of efficiently inefficient markets, where everyone owns the same things and reacts to the same information, leading to a lack of value. We also have to pay attention to artificial intelligence and how it can distort reality, creating a lack of information in which it is difficult to distinguish truth from lies. All of this is happening as Elon Musk changed the algorithm on Twitter, leading to an echo chamber of information, which means the algorithms are too good at focusing on only what you care about. The markets are changing. Information is changing. People seem to be changing.

Marriage & Divorce Finance & Biden’s Schedule

There’s news around Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sanchez getting engaged. Both marriage & divorce can have a huge financial impact. The team shares their thoughts around emerging trends and thoughts around getting a prenuptial agreement and more.
President Biden’s agenda came out today and it looks rather light. Is a light schedule something typical for the United States president? Most of our schedules look much busier and filled than our current President’s. Why is it important for the government to be ran like a business and how is the government different than a business in the ways of efficiency? The capitalist investor team discusses the latest and greatest around the oval office.

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