The Capitalist Investor - Episode 170

“The Capitalist Investor” Squad discusses this week’s episode, which includes the markets, Trump, China, Russia, and a new tax code changes in California. What do you think about Dodge’s new Muscle Car?

Oracle of Omaha

Private jets are showing up in Omaha, speculating that the bank CEOs were trying to get the Oracle of Omaha to save the day. The conversation focuses on the current banking crisis and how regional banks are asking for deposits to be insured for the next two years. The speakers expressed concern that this could lead to a situation where a small number of banks control everything, which would effectively be a kind of communism. They also talk about the rise of Bitcoin and the fact that it could reach $1 million in the next 90 days if you look at an Executive of Coinbase & his bet. In the end, you could see a lot of consolidation within the banking sector, similar to the UBS and Credit Suisse merger.

Ghost Postings

The Federal Reserve raising interest rates later in the day could affect the job market and inflation. The guys note that some banks have been mismanaged and aren’t operating as efficiently as before and that Silicon Valley Bank is an example of this. They also note that many job postings are ghost postings, and managers are only looking for supreme talent. The conversation concludes by noting that Elon Musk suggests the Federal Reserve drop back to 0% interest rates, so people can afford everyday items such as a brand new Tesla financed at 0% Interest Rates.


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