The Capitalist Investor - Episode 158

Welcome to the Holiday Special where the team discusses the bull and bear cases for 2023. They debate whether or not things will go well or not and also talk about the good and bad things that could happen in the new year. Will 2023 be just as crazy as 2022? Or will things finally calm down in 2023?

The Stock Market

What are the possible outcomes for the S&P 500 in 2023. The bull case scenario is that the divided government is willing to work together, and that companies can invest without fear of significant tax code changes. The bear case scenario is that inflation will become a problem, and that the stock market will not be able to sustain its current level of projected earnings growth.

The Bond Market

The Bond Market is down just as much as the stock market essentially in 2022. The bull case for the bond market is essentially the bear case for the stock market. What is meant by that? How do interest rates in 2023 impact the bond market and will the bond market act the same as the stock market in 2023 or will it finally disconnect from the stock market again?

The Commodity Market

Different commodities react differently to different situations. For example, gold can react differently to economic news than energy commodities like oil. But what is the overall bull and bear  case for commodities in 2023? Why is energy so important and how does Oil impact our every day life?

The Crypto Market

The crypto market has taken a dive this year, especially recently after the FTX blowup that caused investors to become distrusted in cryptocurrency. What is the bull case and what is the bear case for cryptocurrency in 2023? How does government spending & interest rates impact speculation within the economy that ultimately impacts the crypto market.

Timestamps    0:00:03

The Bull and Bear Case for 2023    0:02:56

The Bull Case for the S&P 500 in 2023    0:04:45

The Economy in 2023: A Look Ahead    0:08:26

The S&P 500 and the Market’s Reaction to COVID-19    0:10:02

The Bear Case for the Stock Market    0:12:52

The Fed’s Impact on the Stock Market    0:20:21

Bond Market Outlook for 2023    0:22:53

Bonds Commodities, and ETFs: A Year in Review    0:25:10

The Impact of Interest Rates on Commodities    0:26:16

The Bull and Bear Cases for Gold and Energy in 2023    0:28:28

Oil Prices and the Global Market    0:30:15

The Impact of Oil on the Global Economy    0:31:55

Crypto Market Regulation: The Pendulum Swings from One Side to the Other    0:36:04

The Future of Cryptocurrency: Bearish in 2023    0:38:20

The Future of Crypto: A Roundtable Discussion    0:40:54


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