The Capitalist Investor - Episode 160

Welcome back! The Capitalist Investor crew discusses inflation & the Fed, the latest updates on the job market unemployment and tech layoffs, and a couple of canceled topics including taxes being possibly cancelled!

CPI & The Federal Reserve

Some investors believe that the market is overestimating the Fed’s actions. There is data to suggest that this is the case, with many young investors thinking that there will be a pivot and older investors aren’t expecting a pivot anytime soon. The Fed could overshoot and put us into a recession to try and gain back the credibility they lost by saying inflation was “transitory” two years ago. target inflation too aggressively. The most important thing to remember is that discussion around the Federal Reserve & Inflation isn’t going away anytime soon. The name of the game has been bad news is good news & good news is bad news. But we are starting to see that narrative shift as we enter into 2023.

Bank Earnings & Tech Layoffs

Everyday seems to be a new company laying off part of its workforce. Or even companies that already announced layoffs that are either accelerating those layoffs or making those layoffs more extreme in headcount. At the end of the day, technology layoffs could be just the tip of the iceberg. As we enter into earnings season, the banks are the first to report. The interesting thing when analyzing bank earnings is the insight it can provide into the future. The American banking system helps build the economy through the debt they service & the investments they help make into companies & people. When loans are down & merger/acquisition activity is down, it can provide insight on what negative things might be in-store in the future. On the opposite side, when loans are up, and M&A activity are up, it can help shed a positive light into the future. That’s why these next couple of quarters of earnings are so important to shed light on the future of our economy & stock market.

Cancelled – Income Taxes & Bernie Kosar

Who likes taxes!? Most people do not, because the government isn’t very good at spending our money. With Republicans taking a house majority in Congress, there are already bills being levied to do away with income taxes & tax the consumption side of the equation. Even though it is almost impossible legislation like this could make it all the way through, it’s important to discuss the economic impact this could have on Americans & businesses. On top of that, sports betting just became legalized in Ohio. Right after midnight on January 1st, Bernie Kosar, a long-time Browns celebrity & radio celebrity lost his job after betting $19,000 on the Browns to beat the Steelers. Apparently, he didn’t know it went against his contract to bet on sports.


0:01:56 The Capitalist Investor: Inflation in the Fed, the latest updates   

0:03:21 The Federal Reserve’s Inflation Target: Is There a Pivot?   

0:08:26 The Federal Reserve’s Inflation Target: Is 2% Achievable?   

0:09:51 Inflation: A Year-Long Topic of Conversation   

0:11:14 The Impact of Tech Layoffs on the Overall Economy   

0:14:26 Banking Earnings in the Age of Inflation   

0:19:35 Canceled: Bernie Kosar Bets $19,000 on Browns to Beat Steelers   

0:20:51 Canceled: Income Taxes   

0:24:41 Making up the 15% in Taxes 

0:24:41 The Impact of a Simplified Tax Code on Investments   


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