The Capitalist Investor - Episode 191

The Capitalist Investor

Welcome to this week’s “The Capitalist Investor” podcast. The recurring theme of a potential recession looms large in our discussion along with NVDA’s earnings report on the horizon. We are hearing about more strains of COVID as well in the headlines. Is a recession & COVID back on the table?

NVDA, Earnings, Recession

NVDA has been the darling stock of the year with all eyes on NVDA. Earnings season is almost over, so the team discusses their final thoughts on earnings as we end Q2. Can NVDA deliver what the market expects? Or is the hype overblown? All of this price action in the market is happening at a time when the narrative has shifted from a recession to a “soft landing”. While many analysts initially predicted a recession at the beginning of the year, there seems to have been a shift in sentiment over the past few weeks. Historical indicators such as inverted yield curves and high debt-to-GDP ratios suggest that caution is warranted. As one of our hosts mentioned, every indicator that has predicted a recession in the past is currently flashing warning signs. The recent drop in tax revenue and the reacceleration of inflation further add to the concerns.

COVID Back In Action

Another significant concern is the resurgence of COVID. With new variants emerging and talk of mask mandates returning, there is growing anxiety about the potential for another wave of infections and potential shutdowns. The market has already reacted, with stocks like Novavax and Moderna seeing significant gains as investors anticipate the need for new vaccines. However, the impact of COVID on the economy and the market remains uncertain, and the potential for further disruptions cannot be ignored.

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