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Hello, and welcome to this week’s episode of The Capitalist Investor. Joining us today is Diamond Hands D, joined by the A Team – Tony the Tiger and Cool Hand Luke. In this episode, we’ll be discussing some of the key topics that have been making headlines recently, including Apple releasing their newest iPhone, CEO’s conflicting opinions & the failed EV road trip. Let’s dive in and explore these themes in more detail.

Apple’s iPhone 15

Apple just had their yearly event where they unveil their latest & greatest widgets & gadgets including their newest iPhone. Will these features be enough to get consumers to buy the latest & greatest technology from Apple? The team dives into their thoughts around the event and the new technologies.
Another part of Apple’s story is their reliance on China including 20% of their revenue and a large part of their supply chain. Will the tensions in China impact Apple?

The Economy: A Tale of Two CEO’s

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan, has been vocal about his concerns regarding the economy. He predicted a “financial hurricane” and believes that the booming economy narrative is wrong.
On the other hand, David Solomon, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, is feeling more optimistic. He believes that the chances of avoiding a recession are higher than they were a year ago and that things are better than they were a year ago. However, it’s worth noting that both banks have tightened their lending standards, which could be an indication of underlying concerns.
Who is right, and who is wrong?

Debt & Electric Vehicles

One of the key factors impacting the economy is the rising student debt crisis. With $1.6 trillion in student debt, Americans are feeling the squeeze. As one of our hosts pointed out, the average person with student debt will have to shell out around $200 a month to repay their loans. This means that $100 billion a year is being diverted from the economy to pay off student loans. This could have a significant impact on consumer spending and overall economic growth.
Another topic that has been making headlines is the push for electric vehicles (EVs). While there is a growing interest in EVs, one of the major challenges is the lack of charging infrastructure. As our hosts discussed, the energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, attempted to showcase the feasibility of EVs by embarking on a road trip. However, her plan backfired when it was revealed that a staffer had blocked off a charging station with a gas car. This incident highlights the ongoing challenges of transitioning to EVs and the need for more investment in charging infrastructure.

Future Implications

As we look to the future, there are many uncertainties. The economy is at a crossroads, with conflicting opinions from CEOs and concerns about rising debt. The push for EVs continues, but without adequate charging infrastructure, widespread adoption may be challenging. And as cancel culture continues to gain momentum, it raises questions about free speech and its impact on businesses and individuals.
In conclusion, the latest Apple event, the state of the economy, and the challenges of cancel culture all have significant implications for our society. As we navigate these issues, it’s important to consider the potential impact and make informed decisions. Only time will tell how these themes will shape our future, but one thing is certain: change is inevitable, and we must be prepared to adapt..

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