The Capitalist Investor - Episode 90

The Iceman and Diamond Hands D break down the current state of the housing market. The guys explore and discuss many of the questions investors are asking about the sustainability of this red hot market. Can it continue, or are we headed for a crash? How do retirees play the market if they are considering a vacation home? Mark and Derek also discuss different stocks they like in today’s homebuilders’ category.

Outline of This Episode

[2:30] Where are we at right now? From the shortage of homes for sale, average price being right around $360,000, to the 18% appreciation over the last year.

[5:07] Houses were being sold 20% over the asking price. 100% seller’s market.

[8:40] Will the housing market crash? Can the prices continue to go up?

[10:15] Homebuilders can solve many of these supply issues. We have gone ten years without building homes. How to invest in the housing market? D shares his knowledge of Pulte Homes stock PHM as an investment option.

[14:45] Home buying season is coming to an end, especially in the Cleveland market.

[17:20] Are you close to retirement and thinking about buying a retirement home?

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