The Capitalist Investor - Episode 152

Well.. the Mid-Term Red Wave wasn’t really the Red Wave that many people expected. But the big question and observation is forecasting what this means for 2024 and your money. Does this shed some light into the future? What will be the impact on the economy & stock market? Also, we just head of major layoffs by big technology companies. What does that mean for unemployment as we head into 2023? And of course.. you can’t forget about what’s cancelled this week.

  • [01:34] Mid-Term Red Wave Turned into Pink Puddle
  • [19:43] Big Tech Layoffs
  • [30:45] Cancelled! Kathy Griffin & COVID

Mid-Term Red Wave Into Pink Puddle

Mid-Term elections did not turn out the way many people thought they would. But whether or not they went the way you wanted them to go, there’s a lot of information you can digest and figure out about what it means for the future. What does it mean for the presidential election in 2024? What does it mean for Donald Trump and Ron Desantis? What does it mean for President Biden? All of this is debated & discussed.

On top of all that, it looks like the market’s initial reaction is negative to a gridlock in Congress. If history tells us anything though, gridlock is actually beneficial and a good thing for the stock market. It forces policies to the middle so things actually get done that are beneficial for the country. Is this time different though? Are these unprecedented times?

Big Tech Layoffs – Meta & Twitter

Elon Musk is getting a lot of flack & even sued for massive layoffs at Twitter. Apparently in California, you need to give 60-day notice when you’re laying off your workers. Why did Elon Musk ignore that law in California and will there be repercussions?

Meta also announced that they are reducing the work-force by 13% (11,000) jobs in the face of economic uncertainty and decreasing cash flow. The big concern is whether or not these layoffs are part of a trickle-up effect or a trickle-down effect. Or maybe it’s both?

Either way, big layoffs in the economy are concerning to long-term growth projections. You really need to think behind the scenes and answer the question about why companies are laying off employees. What does this tell you as we head into 2023?


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