The Capitalist Investor - Episode 154

Welcome back to this week’s episode of The Capitalist Investor! The group discusses Diamond Hands D’s recent vacation, during which time the crypto market collapsed. On top of the crypto collapse, a recent statistic shows that personal savings in the US has decreased from $2 trillion to $600 billion in the last year. This could be due to increased spending, and that could lead to increased personal debt in the future. The Santa Claus rally may not be real or long-lasting, due to the high levels of credit card debt among Americans. There is currently 16.5 Trillion dollars in household debt and over 31 Trillion dollars in government debt. Has the Santa Claus rally already happened this year? Is the Santa Claus rally going to be able to hold? What’s going to happen over at Disney with Bob Iger coming back as CEO? All of this and more is discussed in this week’s “The Capitalist Investor”.


The Santa Claus Rally: What to Expect     0:04:19

The Impact of Cryptocurrency on the Stock Market    0:09:18

The Impact of Bitcoin Mining on the Crypto Market    0:10:54

The Walt Disney Company’s Plans to Leave Florida?    0:17:38

The Impact of Wokeness on Disney’s Business Model    0:22:53

The Future of Disney Under Bob Iger    0:25:26

The Scammy Business of Ticketmaster: A Conversation    0:28:14

Celebrities and Ticketmaster: A Scam?    0:29:54

The Impact of Live Nation’s Monopoly on the Music Industry    0:33:09


Santa Claus Rally

The Santa Claus rally is a stock market phenomenon that typically occurs in the seven days after Christmas. This year, the rally may be occurring earlier than usual, and that it is generally driven by positive sentiment and increased consumer spending around the holidays.

This also begs the question and the possibility of whether or not the rally will be extended into January, due to the recent strong performance of the stock market. One of the reasons the stock market does well during the holiday season is that retail investors are more optimistic during this time and there is less trading by institutional investors. But less trading means less volume, which usually doesn’t support a strong move.

The Santa Claus rally can be defined in many different ways. Another reason people look forward to the Santa Claus rally in the stock market is because of tax-loss harvesting. People tend to sell some of their positions for a tax write-off in December only to buy back the stocks in January. This is known as the “January Effect”. But will that happen this year because the stock market has been down most of 2022?

Bob Iger is Back At Disney As CEO

Bob Iger is back at Disney as CEO. Disney has become very “woke” over the past few years and Iger coming back to Disney raises questions on the direction of their “wokeness”. Will Disney double down on being woke? Or will Iger come into Disney and walk back what they did over the past couple of years?

One of the other questions that we try to answer is the relationship Disney has with the state of Florida, and specifically, Ron Desantis. Could Disney up and move to another state? The team discusses the pros & cons of doing this and whether or not that is a likely or unlikely option for Bob Iger & Disney.

On top of the news around Bob Iger, this week’s cancelled segment features Taylor Swift & Ticketmaster debacle where tickets are selling for over $35,000. What lead us to this place and does Ticketmaster & Live Nation have a monopoly? Why is Taylor Swift hypocritical? Uncanceled this week is Donald Trump on Twitter. But will Donald Trump actually come back to twitter with his new social media platform, Truth Social?

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