The Capitalist Investor - Episode 116

President Biden’s Tuesday night State of the Union Address was an hour-long event of “politics as usual.” He spoke roughly over 6,400 words –– but we want to pay attention to the words he didn’t say and the issues he didn’t address. Although at least 20 minutes of the speech were filled with applause lines, it didn’t distract the guys from what was missing: tangible solutions to inflation, plans on energy independency, and accountability. In this week’s episode of “The Capitalist Investor,” Mark, Derek, and Luke deconstruct Biden’s State of the Union to analyze the probability of issues actually being addressed and treated by this current administration. Episode #116 is not as long as Biden’s speech, but it calls upon the issues America will have to overcome going forward –– in half as much time.

Outline of this Episode:

  • [2:00] A C-minus overall
  • [7:15] Picking apart the pieces
  • [17:50] Inflation concerns continue
  • [27:20] Lacking energy about energy

The obligatory victory lap doesn’t defend omitting failures

Many politicians have a knack for turning small statements and promises into quotational remarks, optimistic solutions, and applauding sentiments. But what they all lack is the detail. How will America see its way through its crises? President Biden’s answers lacked the comprehensive “hows” and the fervor that a recovering country needs.

“We are stronger today than we were a year ago,” Biden said during his obligatory victory speech. Other than mitigating the severity of the pandemic and opening back to normal life again, what else is fully behind us? Many of Biden’s pros are accompanied by the cons. Wages have grown, but inflation is still at high levels. People are back making money, but they’re often losing even more money. Biden is quick to proclaim his success but ignores the issues his administration has advanced. It’s not admirable to eagerly take credit for the good, if you can’t fairly own up to the bad.

What Biden failed to address in his State of the Union was accountability or acknowledgement. Here we know that it’s easy for people to make mistakes –– we all make mistakes.
If we pick a bad stock and you let us know it –– we own up to it and deal with it head on. No one is immune to making mistakes or calling bad shots, but leaders can only really lead when they’re willing to be vulnerable, transparent and acknowledge their failures.

Biden’s proposed solutions to inflation are … inflationary

We would love nothing more than building back American manufacturing and making everything here in the U.S. But Biden believes that will solve our inflation crisis. But truthfully, he’d be solving a crisis with more crises.

Increasing American manufacturing and raising wages would drive companies’ costs up. People will continue to pay more, and inflation will skyrocket. But Biden believes the solution to solving inflation is to just give people more money –– that in itself is inflationary.

People and politicians can talk about lowering costs, raising minimum wages and amping up manufacturing and they all seem like favorable talking points that we’d love to support. But they’re not favorable in solving the inflation crisis and they just address the problem with creating more long-term problems.

How can America unite under divisive policies?

Members of Congress at the State of the Union dressed in blue and gold in solidarity and support for Ukraine. Meanwhile, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s president, has become a household name in America for his leadership and commitment to the Ukrainian people and his willingness to stand and die for his country.

Performatively dressing in blue and gold, tip-toeing our way into international affairs behind others, all while trying to garner the support in the fight of democracy overseas is the extent of which our leadership here lies. It fails in unity and fortitude.

Will there ever be a day where all of America feels certain about its leaders and their agendas?

We’re currently in a divisive time with a divisive administration that still hasn’t achieved affinity with at least half of its people.

There needs to be a patriotic resonation again for America –– someone that can unite the sides together. But to many, it seems the possibility is out of touch. It’s a sense that so many Americans haven’t lived but have only read about.

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