The Capitalist Investor - Episode 156

The Producers Price index (PPI) is a measure of inflation for manufacturers. It is coming out this week and is expected to be high. How high (or low) it reads, could move the markets. The PPI is the best way to explain how much it costs manufacturers to make things.

This could possibly mean that inflation is not increasing as rapidly as previously thought, which could be seen as a positive by investors. However, it is still unclear how Federal Reserve Chairman Powell will interpret this data.

The gang digs into real estate and the recent headlines surrounding some nontraded REIT’s decision to limit withdrawals. For a variety of reasons, investors have begun to withdraw money from Blackstone Real Estate and Private Lending funds. We discuss the implications.

We also discuss the recent stock market sell-off and how it may be due to concerns about China’s economy. We discuss oil prices, energy stocks and some contradictory data points, which create some uncertainty about a possible recession.

The gang chats about China’s recent decision to ease some restrictions and the causes: protests or the state of the Chinese economy? Tony, Derek, and Ryan discuss the different viewpoints on China, then get into the good stuff: the lack of diversity during Shark Week and the impending smash-hit blockbuster, Cocaine Bear.


The Capitalist Investor: PPI, Georgia Runoff Election, and Real Estate Funds    0:00:07

Inflation in the United States    0:02:06

Oil Prices and the Economy: A Conversation    0:03:39

The Impact of China’s Economy on Global Markets    0:06:20

The Impact of the Georgia Runoff Elections on the Stock Market    0:07:51

Blackstone Private Placements and the Coronavirus    0:09:42

The Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Real Estate    0:11:26

Bereaved Properties and the Real Estate Market    0:14:56

The Impact of Legalized Gambling on the Casino Industry    0:16:49

The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is under fire for its lack of diversity and overrepresentation of men named Mike.    0:18:15

Cocaine Bear and Shark Week: A Conversation    0:20:45

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