The Capitalist Investor - Episode 172

The Capitalist Investor Squad is back in action! This week, all the news is surrounding Donald Trump’s Indictment. Does it really matter who the next President is in regards to the stock market & economy? On top of this, it’s almost the end of Tax Season. If you were to get a refund check at this point, where would the Capitalist Investor Squad invest it? The Masters Tournament is here. What do the guys have to say about who the winner might be? All of this & more on this week’s “The Capitalist Investor”.

Trump’s Indictment & Markets

Donald Trump’s indictment seems to be top of mind right now… They questioned whether or not the market really cares who the president is.. It really matters if it’s Democrat or Republican to dictate what happens with fiscal policy and regulations.  The big question is whether or not there is a political motivation behind the recent charges against President Donald Trump. In the United States, aren’t you innocent until proven guilty? What is the potential of Ron DeSantis as the future president? Is America wanting a younger person in office?

Masters Tournament & Refund Checks

What should you do with a tax refund if you have extra cash on the sidelines? Is this the time to be aggressive or is this the time to be safe? It’s almost the end of tax season and most people have already received their tax refund if that got one or they are about to save one. What should you be keeping an eye on in this environment? On top of that, the Masters Tournament is here and we all know a couple members of “The Capitalist Investor” squad love to golf and love to watch golf. Should you be betting on the Masters with the refund check? Just kidding…


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