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Leaders across the financial news spectrum—from CNBC to Fox Business to Yahoo Finance—turn to Mark Tepper and the experts at Strategic Wealth Partners for savvy insights on market changes, legislation, retirement planning, and more. In the clips below, Mark and the team from Strategic Wealth Partners share their knowledge live, on air.


CNBC: Dow Laggards

Mark Tepper discusses 3 stocks. Read More


CNBC: Another Lost Decade for Stocks?

Mark Tepper discusses a lost decade for the Dow. Read More


CNBC: Controversy in the Gold Market

Mark Tepper discusses gold investments. Read More


CNBC: The Energy Trade

Mark Tepper discusses trading oil. Read More


CNBC: Buy Low-Cost Retailers

Mark Tepper discusses Wal-Mart. Read More


CNBC: The Dividend Dilemma

Have high-dividend stocks become overcrowded? Read More


CNBC: Average Stock Beating Market

Average stock is beating the S&P 500. Read More


CNBC: Fed: Heightened Global Risk Warranted Caution

Mark Tepper discusses the market’s next move, and how much the Fed matters. Read More