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Health Care Rebounds

Mark Tepper says the rebound in Health Care is due to Elizabeth Warren slipping in polls and recommends Exact Sciences. Read More


Time to Lock In Profits

Mark Tepper is taking profits in Microsoft and Apple, but his favorite technology stock is Salesforce. Read More


Enter 2020 with a Clean Slate

Mark Tepper is telling clients to enter 2020 with a clean slate and not to carry over the extreme positive sentiment ... Read More


Cash is Not a Four Letter Word

Mark Tepper says cash is not a four letter word in this market, but be prepared to buy the dips. Read More


Bull Market will Continue to Run in 2020

Mark Tepper thinks it is dangerous to be bearish on this market as the economy continues to expand and consumer ... Read More


Energy Sector Lags the Market

Mark Tepper says the energy sector since 2014 has been the place where you send your money to die. Read More


Swing State Client Concerns

Mark Tepper discusses how his hard working clients in the swing state of Ohio are concerned about the election and ... Read More


Pot Stock Playbook

Mark Tepper’s pot stock playbook includes multi-state operator Green Thumb whose revenue could quadruple in the next few years. Read More