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Examining the State of U.S. & China Relations

Tony Zabiegala discusses the relations between the United States & China and what it means for both U.S. & Chinese stocks. ... Read More


Coronavirus Treatment & Momentum

Tony Zabiegala discusses the stock market at all-time highs given the recent positive headlines about vaccines. What does this momentum ... Read More


Normal Pullback or Something More?

Mark Tepper discusses the recent market pullback, the future of cloud and big data, and sports betting stocks. Read More


Tech Shopping List

Mark Tepper discusses his thoughts on the Tech Sector and where you should be deploying capital after this selloff. Read More


Slack Set to Slack?

Mark Tepper discusses Slack and what he thinks is important to look for in Slack’s earnings. Read More


Negative Catalysts Could Derail The Markets’ Historic Rally

Nate Fischer discusses important things that are coming up that could greatly impact the stock market. Take a look at ... Read More


Mitigating Risk After Stocks Rally

Luke Lloyd discusses why the trend is your friend and going with the momentum is not necessarily a bad thing. ... Read More


Winners of a TikTok Ban?

Mark Tepper discusses the potential winners of a TikTok ban. Read More