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Disney, SPAC’s & IPO’s

Mark Tepper discusses his thoughts on Disney and which IPO & SPAC stocks he owns. Should you chase some of ... Read More


Section 230 & Social Media Regulation

Luke Lloyd discusses the recent hot topic of social media censorship and regulation. Will they break-up big tech? Will they ... Read More


Cash Concerns & Small Caps

Mark Tepper discusses what you should do if you’re worried about retirement and common solutions. Also should you own ... Read More


HOT IPO’s & Stimulus Package

Tony Zabiegala joined Cheddar Business and discussed the hot IPO market with companies like DoorDash & AirBnB going public! Also, ... Read More


Navigating Markets through End of 2020

Nate Fischer discusses why it’s important to develop a watchlist of stocks that you follow closely and be ready ... Read More


Market Participation Broadening Out

Mark Tepper discusses the small cap space and how they are currently outperforming large caps. How should you play the ... Read More


Holiday Happy Hour

Mark Tepper discusses beverage and booze stocks and if they are a buy this holiday season. Should you crack open ... Read More


Palantir Rally

Mark Tepper discusses the recent Palantir rally and what he thinks about the stock. Where is the stock heading? Find ... Read More